Make Money by doing Surveys [Work From Home] – 2019

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NinjaGram (Instagram bot) v7.4.6 – Free Download

What makes NinjaGram so special?


Mass follow targeted Instagram users, from any location in Instagram (search results, your feed, another user’s followers, or pictures taken at a particular location (NEW)!)


Mass unfollow users with various settings, such as only those who don’t follow you back or only users followed more than X days ago.


Mass like thousands of other finely targeted and filtered images on Instagram with the click of a button. Auto-like your own feed, monitor a tag, or images from anywhere in Instagram.



Automatically leave comments from a preset list on your targeted photos. Spintax allowed!


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400 free tools

400 Free Tools and Free Resources For Entrepreneurs and Startups

Here are the free 400 tools and resources for entrepreneurs and startups. Feel free to spread link between fellow entrepreneurs.



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How to get Google Home Mini for 0.99$

Spotify is offering 3-months of Spotify Premium Subscription and Google Home Mini for $0.99.

Only for New Spotify Premium Customers

Step 1
Go to Spotify and sign up for Spotify Premium
– Remember to purchase the $0.99 premium plan before you go onto step 2 upgrading to family plan

Step 2
Go to Spotify and choose to upgrade Spotify Premium Family Plan
– It will state $14.99, but you won’t be charged $14.99 as long as you’re already on the $0.99 plan
– Once you signed up, you will see “Your plan includes a Google Home mini” on the bottom
– Example of Offer Image

Step 3
You will receive an email from Spotify for the free Google Home Mini
In your e-mail, click Get It Now and purchase the Google Home Mini

Step 4
Price of the Google Home Mini should become free during checkout

Step 5
Once you get your Google Home Mini, cancel your Spotify Plan if you don’t use it
– You should be ok to cancel anytime once you make the order.
– Your Spotify subscription will continue for the first 3 months

Final Price is $0.99

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