Facebook’s Latest Prank : Suggest Your Friends To Themselves

Have you ever got a friend request from yourself to yourself? Sounds weird and quite amazing, right? let me explain this to you. Suggest your friends to yourself Chrome extension will suggest your friends to their own account. You can send friend request to yourself ! 

facebook prank

Your friends will start to think that someone may have created their fake account or someone may have succeeded to hack their account but that wrong ! You haven’t been hacked or someone hasn’t created your face profile, instead its a kind of bug of Facebook found out by a geek boy Dinesh Bhosale. Your friends will go crazy when they will see that you suggested them to their own account.

Download the extension

This Prank Is Made For Fun, But Don’t Take It Seriously, Enjoy It And Share With Your Friends And Make The Extension Popular 😀

  1. It is just a prank and doesn’t produce any harm.
  2. No Facebook bans and no data is saved by the extension.
  3. You can suggest your friends to themselves for any number of times without getting blocked or reported.
  4. Extension is 100% free and it works with all Facebook accounts.
  5. You can use this extension on infinite number of accounts.

Steps To Suggest Your Friends To Themselves

  1. Install Facebook social toolkit chrome extension from chrome web store.
  2. Start Facebook Social Toolkit chrome extension.
  3. Click on suggest friends to themselves button (as shown in the screenshot)
  4. Enjoy!

How Does It Work?

Extension sends a confusing request to Facebook servers and that’s how it works.
fb prank
Enjoy 😀

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