Five things that you might see changed in Windows 9

Five things that you might see changed in Windows 9 (Windows Threshold)

These are the things that are to be change in Windows 9 or Threshold according to various leaks and developer preview by Microsoft.

  1. Start Menu

Since the release of Windows 8 may critics are saying that Windows made a big mistake taking away the start menu and start button. Though start button was back in Windows 8.1, people still wish to get traditional start menu. As showen in developer preview by Microsoft start mmenu has tradition view with Metro UI.

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  1. Charms Bar

It has been reportedly leaked that the charms bar will not be present in the side of the windows but is said to be a button near minimize, maximize and close button. Another idea Microsoft have been toying with is removing the Charms completely. While it’s possible, we’re not entirely sure how that would work. A number of Modern UI apps depend on the Charms for certain features, apps require the Settings button within the Charms to access app settings, and some apps require the Search charm to search within the apps. Microsoft could just tell developers to update their apps, but that seem unlikely.

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  1. Windowed Metro Applications

Since the release of Windows 8 Metro apps and Desktop apps had their own environment. Back then we could not use Metro apps in Desktop apps. (Spoiler alert) Though their is a software called Modernmix by Stardock to do the same but it costs $4.99. I mean why pay $4.99 if it comes free in next version of Windows.

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  1. Cortana (Microsoft`s Voice assistant)

Narrator or Voice assistant in Windows haven`t been changed since Windows Vista.  “Cortana is an intelligent personnel assistant on Windows Phone 8.1. Its name comes from Cortana, the artificial intelligence character in the Halo series, with Jen Taylor, the character’s voice actress, returning to voice the personal assistant’s US-specific version” (Source:Wikipedia).

  1. Ubuntu-like Virtual space

In Windows Threshold we might see Virtual space that was part of Ubuntu since beginning. As we know that Windows 9 is still in development and we have seen and heard very few about this feature so we can not be for sure that this feature may or may not be included in thee final release of Windows 9.

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