Fraps: Record your gameplay

Record your gameplay: Fraps

Games, games, games. Game is one of the most important factor in our daily life. We play games to kill our boredom or to be a professional gamer. There are many game providing software like Steam, Uplay, origin, etc. But watching gameplay is essential to value your money before buying the game. But do you know the best software to record the gameplay at maximum frame rate? Well I do know and I`ll share that software with you now.


Fraps is the software almost every professional gamers use to record their gameplay and share it on YouTube and other sites. Fraps is simple software to use, rather than going through the secret dungeon of the enemy empire and knowing the secret to use the software, it is very easy to use fraps.

Firstly download the software, you can get 30 day trial for free you can also, buy the licensed product from here

Then install the software and open it from shortcut from your desktop. In general section select the settings according to your needs, do know that these settings are essential affect the start-up of this software.


In FPS section you can edit the FPS (frames per second) overlay corners to show the fps to your special corner so that it would not block the game contents, you can also hide the overlay. Instead of FPS you can put Frametimes and MinMaxAvg in your benchmarks settings.


In the Movies section you can specify the folder to save the movie, edit the hotkey to start recording, video capture frames limit size. You can edit the sound capture setting whether to capture game`s sound or you mic or both at once. You can use special key to only record while push the special key. Some extra feature like splitting video file, hide cursor in video, locking framerate, and force lossless RGB capture are also available.


In screenshot section you can select path for your screenshot, edit the hotkey. You can also specify the file format of the screenshot. You can include framerate in the screenshot and also repeat the screen capture every given time in second.


Now you can show and share the funny moments, glitches and best moment from the game to your friends and families.

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