Help for Earthquake Victims Nepal!

I am also one of the victims of Earthquake Hit – Nepal. By the blessing of the god Me and My family are safe till publishing of this post. The devastating earthquake of 7.9 magnitude hit Nepal and destroyed most of the heritages which were even enlisted in UNESCO as World’s Heritage. Therefore its not just a loss of Nepalese people and culture but also a great loss for mankind and culture. Death toll reached 4.5k, 65k injured and counting. Nature has become cruel, really cruel this time. Peoples are compelled to leave their houses and stay in open space.

This is the video that i managed to capture after the Earthquake of 7.9 magnitude hit Nepal. Historic building of Nepal- Dharahara build by Bhimsen Thapa at 18th century was collapsed leading to death of around 200 people.

Nepal Government is getting help from various countries. Special thanks to India, China, Singapore, Taiwan, US, UK, Russia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries for helping us in this devastating situation. We are getting support and love from people all around the world and we really appreciate it. We alone cannot overcome this heartbreaking situation, so we expect help and support from all of you.

Here are some images after Earthquake:

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I am raising funds to help victims (My brothers and sisters). If you are willing to donate something to these victims you are always welcome. A small help from you can rescue a life.

Please click on the button below to donate:

I promise that the raised fund will reach to the victims and utilized properly. You can always inquiry about the total funds raised and spend by writing to me directly at I will try to reply you back within 12 hours.

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