How To Use PenDrive As Ram?

Yes, you are hearing it right. You can increase your virtual memory and boost the speed of system using a USB drive.

USB as Ram
USB as Ram

This is how you do it:
1. First Go To Control Panel from my computer or startup
2. Then click on System And Security and then System ( shown in screenshots )
3. Now click on “Advance System Settings” at left side
4. Click on Settings and the go to Advanced Tab and then Settings > Advanced

5. Now, you can see Virtual Memory, just click on Change

6. Here you have to uncheck “Automatically manage paging file size”
7. Now, click on your pen drive, and set the custom size.
8. Ex. In 4 GB pen drive, 700 is initial size and 3000 is maximum sizeNote :- You computer will restart and then you can see instant boost in your computer’s performance.

This way you can use your USB as RAM and boost your system performance.

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