How to speed up your computer

How to speed up your computer at least a bit:

As compared to other operating systems Windows has been more slower and laggy. Many application and games makes temporary files which help them for nice configuration of the program but if these programs and not closed properly those temp. files remain undeleted and play the role of junk eating your disk space. Today I`ll show you how you can delete these temporary files to speed up your computer and save a bit of your hard disk space.

1. CCleaner

CCleaner is basically a cleaner to clean the unwanted temp. files from your disk. The UI is simple and clean. You can clean temp. files from your disk, Recycle Bin, Memory Dumps,etc. You can also clean the unwanted registry from your computer in registry tab. Some extra tools like editing context menu, startup program, uninstalling a program, system restore and many more features are their to help you take full advantages of your computer.



2. Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is basically an uninstaller which has many modes for uninstalling any software. It is pretty different from the default uninstaller in Windows but it has many advantages against the default one. Unlike default one Revo detects and deletes the registry the a program created. It has more feature than just being an uninstaller. It has Auto-run manager (More advanced than ccleaner), Junk file cleaner, Windows tools, Browser cleaner, Office cleaner, Evidence remover, Unrecoverable delete and Backup manager.



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