Windows 8.1 activator 100% working

Activating windows has been really a headache for windows user who cannot afford the genuine product keys. Therefore, we have come up with some solution. We can crack/activate the windows 8.1 with he software below. I hope this will help you in activating your windows and get rid of the Activation Failed message.

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windows 8.1 activator


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5 software to bring back the start menu in Windows 8 & 8.1

Start Menu has been a major part of Windows since the very beginning of this OS. We saw major criticism when Windows removed the start menu and button, the result was the whole OS nearly failed. But with 8.1 update Microsoft gave back start button and promised to give new and established start menu in Windows 9 which you can see in our previous article “Five things that you might see changed in Windows 9 (Windows Threshold)”.

Start Is Back

Start Is Back, well the name says it all. This program establish itself like the default one, i.e. if you change the desktop theme then it`s theme can be changed too, the same property that Windows 7 had. You can customize the start orb (start button), enable/disable start screen, the charms bar, snap screen action etc.. This software has different version for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. This software is not free, it will cost you about $2.99 for 1PC,$4.99 for 2PCs and $9.99 for 5PCs but you can get 30 days free trial. It is also available for Business Edition.

start menu in win 8 (more…)

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